Wednesday, October 9, 2013

F-OFF Jimen! U r Naked.

For those of you who had clicked and landed on this page, you “hamsup” peeps, are you expecting some nude pictures of me in compromising positions or having sex with someone hot? Well too bad guys, you are not getting any cause this is not that kind of site. I am doing this is just to prove a point (and to pull your leg ... hmmm which one... left or right ... now now, no dirty thoughts), that a good headline will drive or even stop traffic especially with SEX cause SEX sells. 

Last evening I wrote a blog about my nite out at the Movie Premier and just checked that I only have 48 page views compared to my first blog (with a half naked picture on me shaving) with 180 page views. Then I realized that when I shared the blog on my facebook, the picture that was selected for the link is a goodie bag’s content pic. Yep you guys are right, how can a goodie bag competes with a half naked man! Silly me!

Anyway, again for the treat of everyone who had supported me so far and Philip Tan, Ahgo Lu, Chi-Fu Lin, Cheng Bonlin, Jim Jim, Lec Lee, Ted Colunga, Alan Ang, Chuen Seng Lam, 周健隆, Walter Huan, Liew Peng Pink and 銅鑼衛門, a big thank you again and as promise a naked pic of me that is making its debut on this blog.

Half naked also good la rite (It's PG site la)

For those who are still upset or angry with me for pulling your leg, I know the drill, well give it to me now, what are you guys waiting for, just give it to me straight to the face:
“ F-off Jimen!”

Feeling better? (Just kidding)

Till the next, Vote for us Men! Vote for Jimen!

PS. Can't wait to see what's the page views for this post!


  1. Look handsome :) Sure that many of them will upset about it haha

  2. I am not sure about other's but for me. I click the link to see what can I read from your blog. Infact I was expecting you to be fully cloth not even half naked. What was a little disappointed because the blog didn't say much. Maybe you can say more of the encounter you face since you travel fuently and meet different people in your job.

    Hope to learn from you and looking forward to your next written blog.

    1. Dear Wing Wolf, Sorry to disappoint you but this short article is just for a good laugh, will definitely try to write more interesting articles in the future. Thanks for your comment though. Cheers.

  3. your dimple is very sweet!! I wish your blog would flourish!! ^^

    1. Thanks bae Kim for your compliment and kind words. Grin

  4. A naked picture of a person's mind to share is better than one of his body.