Monday, December 16, 2013


Guess who are the Top 5 favourites to win the Asian Muscle Bear Awards?
Pic from Jiraiya
Two weeks ago I posted my top thirteen Asian muscle bear from my Facebook after going through more than six thousands of my Facebook friends and followers. A big thank you to all my friends for taking time to vote for your favourites and as of today, 17 Dec 2013, I have the results for the current Top 5.

Reviewing the previous Top 13, there were a few surprises and a few misses. Jpn Kong and Dt Hiro, two of our favourite Japanese G-men porn actors faired poorly and only ranked 7th and 11th respectively. In my opinion, although they have the body and looks and most definitely manly but I guess the votes fell short because of lack of fans and support.

Another surprising elimination is Joe Yang from Taiwan, ranked only 10th, but he’s actually one of my favourites. Again, such great body coupled with a handsome face but not enough votes to get him through. Robbiesuen Oppa who has one of the best body muscularity and symmetry only faired moderately with a ranking of 9th position while Pong Lee from Thailand, the cute and handsome guy just missed out from the Top 5 with 163votes, losing only 6 votes from 黄飞鸿.

Now the competition gets more and more heated up as all the previous votes of the Top 5 will be written off and voting starts afresh again from today until the end of the year, 31 Dec 2013. But before you guys start voting, let me announce to you, your Top 5 of my Facebook Asian Muscle Bear Awards 2013.
5. The 4th runner-up went to 黄飞鸿. This young and cute cub from Shanghai definitely deserved a place in the top 5 with 169 votes. I believe that his killer smile and well-proportioned body had many rooting for him.
4. Nathan Kao from Taipei was our 3rd runner up. With a sexy body and good looks, this man could really charm the fans and garnered 196 votes.

3. Third position went to our Japanese Bear Chibi Hiro. Although he’s not as big size as some of the nominees, but he made up with his cute face and small beady eyes. His current votes of 218 made him one of the favourites to reach the top.

2. Asher Wu, with 274 votes made it to the second place. This China born bear was almost the perfect bear with such a huggable body and likeable face. He had lots of fans cheering him on and could be the eventual winner.
1. Finally, the first position went to… (Drum roll) Beefrib Ben! With a whopping 352 votes, he definitely had lots of us drooling after him. To me, he too was my favourite. With his chunky upper body and big pectorals coupled with thunder thighs and monster calves, I am definitely rooting for him. In addition, he’s so achingly cute with just the right amount of facial hair. Perfection to the T!

Well there you go, your Top 5 Asian Muscle Bears. Remember the ultimate Asian muscle bear not only must have good muscularity and body proportion; he has to have the x-factor and a good looking and masculine face. I have added links to their Facebook pages so that you can view the other pictures in their site. So please vote again for your favourites so that he will come up tops in my inaugural Facebook Asian Muscle Bear Awards 2013.

Voting is easy; just go to my Facebook ( and click on "Photos", then "Albums" and you can view at the "Top Five Asian Muscle Bear Awards" album. Like their pictures on my Facebook and that's it! I'll keep the voting open until end of this year, 31 December 2013 and the results will be out by Jan 2014! To the Top 5, a big congratulation to all and wish you all the best in winning this inaugural FB Asian Muscle Bear Awards! Thank you guys!

This is Jimen signing out! Be happy and happy voting! Cheers.