Monday, December 2, 2013

My Facebook Asian Muscle Bear Awards 2013

We have just crowned Miss Venezuela as the new Miss Universe a few weeks ago, although I felt that Miss Spain is more beautiful. Beauty pageants and manhunts are glamorous but kind of ‘shallow’ events to find the best looking among us and the best part is that we get to scrutinize the most beautiful people at the comfort of our home without any consequences. How many times have we disagreed with the outcome of such contests and wished that our favourites would win instead? Well I guess the word “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” applies religiously here cause beauty is very subjective and everyone defines it in a different way.

Last week I decided to scour more than six thousands of my Facebook friends and followers to find my top ten favourite muscle bears among them. Of course, it’s just a physical search of my eye candies, as I have not met most of my Facebook friends. Some of you may disagree with my choice, but well too bad guys cause this is my list, my list of the top ten (well, top thirteen to be exact cause I can't filter them down to ten) most good looking Asian muscle bears among my Facebook friends according to my choice.
Who's your favourite?
I have this love-hate relationship with my gorgeous Asian muscle bears. I love how almost achingly handsome they looked aka like Greek gods but I hate that I personally don’t have their good genes to have such a well balanced physique of bear perfection. It took me almost half a day to go through thousands of pictures to identify my favourite Asian muscle bears and to be honest, it’s not an easy task because there’re just too many good looking bears out there. Furthermore, they had to satisfy my certain criteria before they can be shortlisted. I finally came up with my top 13 finalists after scrutinizing them through my strict standards.

1. Muscularity and body proportion
One of the most important factors is the body size of the man. The ideal muscle bear should not be too ripped or too muscular aka bodybuilder with veins showing. Of course they have to be big in size and beefy looking, perfect for hugging and cuddling. The proportion of the entire body between the upper and lower halves has to be fantastic. The size of the pectorals must match the quads while the calves must be big enough so as not to have the chicken leg syndrome. Coupled with a strong back, arms and neck, this will determine whether he will win the coveted top spots of my list.

2. Face
This is one of my most important criteria and it will either make or break his chances of getting into top ten. Asian muscle bears with a handsome and manly face will definitely have the advantage over the regular Joe. While the face only covers less than 10% of our body, it is only but crucial to achieve a perfect looking specimen complemented with a well-proportioned body musculature.

3. Poise/X-factor
Poise is something that is intangible. You either have it or you don’t. The amazing thing about x-factor is something you can’t describe. You can only feel it when you set your eyes on the person. The added edge that adds the sparkle in wanting to look at the picture again and again. The special aura that the person evokes enhances the entire image of a good-looking masculine bear.

4. Masculinity
I like my men brute-like and masculine. They can have the most handsome face and great muscularity but my number one deal breaker will be the femininity of his looks and behaviour. Bears have to be animalistic, and they have to appear a little uncouth. Well of course there’ll be some exceptions, but overall, a bear just have to be bearish.

Now here's the top thirteen finalists:

5. Dt Hiro

10. Neil Jia

11. Pong Lee

13. 黄飞鸿

Well now it's up to you guys to help me to vote for the top three Asian muscle bears among the ones that I have shortlisted. Voting is easy; just go to my Facebook ( and click on "Photos", then "Albums" and you can view at the "Top Thirteen Asian Muscle Bear Awards" album. Like their pictures on my Facebook or you can email me your ranking of the top thirteen. It's that simple. I'll keep the voting open until end of this year, 31 December 2013 and the results will be out by Jan 2014! I know that some of you may in your opinion think that I've missed out some of the asian muscle greats but well you can still nominate them by emailing to me their Facebook profile and I may just decide to add them in this elusive list. Finally, to all the shortlisted finalists, a big congratulation to all and wish you all the best in winning this inaugural FB Asian Muscle Bear Awards!

Till the finals, this is Jimen signing out! Be happy and keep voting! Cheers

PS. Apologies to the finalists as I didn't ask permission to use your pictures and put you in the list, therefore if you feel uncomfortable to be in my list, please let me know so that I can remove you from the list. Also note that this list is not for any commercial gains and it's all in the name of fun. Thanks guys! 


  1. I've admired some of these guys on Tumblr but never knew their names. Thanks for putting the names to the faces.

    1. You're most welcome!

      Happy new year!



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