Thursday, December 5, 2013

Down with Flu Bug!

Sorry guys, I will not be posting this week cause I'm really ill and feeling terrible. Having a bad flu and fever. Hope that you guys will have a great weekend ahead! I'll see you guys next week. Now back to sleep zzzz


  1. Oh God, I hate that, it's an awful feeling the flu, mainly because it seems to take such a long time to go away.

    I'm reminded of this article I came across some months ago, about using drops of hydrogen peroxide to try help cure the flu. It looked interesting to me but I am NOT recommending this as I have never tried it on myself yet, so I don't dare to recommend to anyone. But if you are interested just to read about it, it's at:

    Anyway, have a good rest Jimen, wishing you get well soon.

    1. Thanks my friend. It seems interesting but kinda scary. I think I will stick to the old remedy of drinking lots of water and rest more. Have a great weekend ahead. Grin