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A guide to become an even more gorgeous bear (Vol 1 - Part 1)

I’m sure most of us have explored online dating sites as well as social platforms like Growlr and Scruff and most of the time, we would get to see nice bear-like pictures exhibiting huge pectorals that most likely complemented with massive arms but without the appearance of the face. Hardly you would see pictures showing the entire body from top to toe. And at times when we decided to meet up after chatting and exchanging physical attributes, we ended up being disappointed or at the least didn’t live up to our expectation of the perfect bear that we imagined.

Headless Pic with BIG chest and arms!
There’s a lot of definition of bear on Google, but in reality what makes an attractive and masculine bear? Why do certain guys with bear-like bodies have an edge over and look better than similar weight and size dudes? Sometimes, you met a guy who’s beefy, stocky, and heavier set but still didn’t seem to quite make the cut. Of course the physical facial appearance does make a big difference and very subjective to individual likings. While there’s nothing much that we can do about our face as we’re born with it and unless you go for plastics, then it’s a different story altogether but we’re not going to talk about it now.

Maybe I need Plastics?
Today we want to talk about the body shape and size. What gives the added edge in enhancing our bear-like body shape to an even more appealing form to the chasers? So in short, the big question is what makes a stocky man an attractive and masculine bear? Big upper body, with gargantuan and strong chest? Bulging biceps and/or triceps? Thick neck and trunk? Massive thighs and calves? The answer guys is simple, is in the detail. The detail of legs.

Thunder Thighs of Kang In Soo (Pic from

There are quite a number of guys out there who are into bodybuilding and weightlifting and will go to the gym almost daily, spending one to a few hours each time working out their body.  However, for most of us, we tend to focus on muscles that are “easier” to work on while achieving faster muscle growth i.e. bench press for pectorals, upward lifts for the shoulders and arm curls and lifts/pulls for biceps and triceps and most probably end with a couple of sit-ups for the abdominals. One of the most ignored muscle group are the legs. The amount of time spent on exercising the upper body doesn’t correspond with the time spent on the lower body i.e. legs. Hence the outcome will most likely be the “chicken leg” syndrome!

Monster Calves of Kang In Soo (Pic from
Guys with massive legs do complete the entire bear-like look perfectly. The bigger and stronger their legs, the more masculine they are. And when we talk about legs, we are talking about the quads, hamstrings and the calves. Of course, some of us are genetically blessed with huge thighs and calves (but even that you still need to work on it to get even bigger and stronger as well as better definition), but for those of us who are not so lucky, it’s time to hit the legs!!! 
Zhang GuoZheng 220Kg Full Squat, Beautiful! (Video/pic from
The upper legs especially the quads are the easiest among the three to work on and probably the fastest you can see in terms of muscle growth while the hamstrings and calves are definitely not the easiest muscles to work on and they don’t grow as fast. Although, I’m not your personal trainer here and don’t claim to be one, there are many leg exercises that one can perform to achieve a bigger set of legs. However, in my personal opinion, the king of all leg exercises is the Full Squat.

Big and Full Perky Butt!

Besides giving you the best workout for your legs, it also works on your glutes (butt muscle) that will give you a perky and rounded butt in no time so that you’ll have the perfect lower body that complement with your big upper torso. And maybe, it’s a good time to install a squat toilet (essentially a hole in the ground for guys to poop) at home and use them regularly as it will definitely work on your leg muscles while doing your number two big business!

Squat toilet, my new installation at home (Pic from
In fact, I have read somewhere that I don't remember, someone said that asians guys tend to have bigger leg muscles relative to their western counterparts because our ancestors have squatted for so many years and somehow through natural selection, our legs got bigger over time. Go figure!

All I ever do is to squat around... (Pic from )
So remember guys, if you want to look more attractive as a bear, don’t be lazy and go exercise your legs (and butts) to get them bigger and stronger for that will definitely gives you a more masculine appeal and thus completes the whole bear look in you! This concludes my latest post and hope that you guys have enjoyed it! Till the next time, this is Jimenian signing out! Be happy always!


PS. Well I almost forgot guys with thicker neck would also give you a more masculine bear-like look. 

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