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Kissing Madonna (Part 3 - Final) - KISS MY ASS!

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As promised, this will be the final chapter on tips and tricks to ensure a successful presentation. For those who have not read part 1 and 2, please don’t be lazy and GOSTAN (go astern or go back) to read them. Maybe I should change the post title to “Kiss my Ass!” Probably that will get more of your attention. Well OK, enough babbling, let’s get started.

Clever Headline
OK, let’s say that you have managed to get yourself dress well for the presentation and you walk into a room, introduce yourself and thank your audience for the opportunity given and probably hook up your computer to a projector. What next? Yes, the first slide of your presentation. A lot of you guys out there may say that “are you sure that the headline is so important? I always thought that the content is what makes or breaks the deal.” Well, although you are not wrong completely here cause as I mentioned earlier in the previous topic, the cover headline will set the tone of your presentation. Remember why I chose the title of my post “Kissing Madonna”? Well that’s the point that I’m trying to make. Choose a clever headline that surmise the entire presentation (I know it will be difficult but be creative) or if not just something that has a significant flavour to the entire presentation. If all else fail, then choose something that has nothing to do with your presentation.

Follow the HEAD line
Why I am suggesting this and not the usual and boring first slide of Introduction of your company or whatever is that this is the best time to break the ice. Make everyone including yourself be at ease and comfortable. A funny headline will evoke small talks and laughs. This is another factor important in ensuring that you start with the right tone to your presentation. When your audience is at ease, they can and will enjoy your presentation better. Of course, if this is a presentation to the board of directors or something very “stuffy” then forget this trick and move on to the next.

Dress Well? WTF!!!
You dress well, got great headline to break the ice and what’s left? Yes, your confidence. Your audience is not stupid, they too are professionals. They will be able to cuss out immediately whether did you come prepared and whether you are confident in delivering your presentation and finally whether they even believe in what you are selling to them. Yes, confidence is the most key in this. For first impression, you may be a fashion slump and without funny or clever headline to do small talks, but if you have the confidence of a bull, then half the battle is won. Wait a minute? I mentioned this a few paragraphs ago and two halves of a battle makes a battle won?

The Confidence and Friendly Look
So let’s get serious now, confidence will show in the way you carry yourself, the way you walk, the way you move and enter the room, the kind of handshake that you give, the tonality of your voice and the “aura” or command presence in the room that you exude. However, please note that there's a fine line between confidence and SMUG. The former will open a lot of doors for you while the latter will get in you in their hate list! For if you managed to master all three factors, then this is a great beginning to a successful presentation.

The Smug and Unapproachable Look
We have come to the end of this last chapter of Kissing Madonna. Hope that you guys will find this useful, if not at least a good read and laugh. Till the next time guys, have a great weekend ahead and this is Jimenian signing out! Happy always!


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