Thursday, October 17, 2013


In this twenty first century, many men and experts say that wearing the right underwear gives you confidence. And I totally agree. Nowadays guys are different. They think different. Their needs and wants are different. They have the money and want to look good so they don’t mind spending their money not just on the outerwear but even more so on underwear. Their underwear are changing. Just like me, men are chucking aside their 5-in-a-pack basics in favor of the latest style, colours and brand.
5-in-a-pack basics
I used to be a boxer guy, you know the type of underwear that was loose and had lots of room for my gutwrench and nuts to breathe. Of course the boxer had no support whatsoever, hence most times I would feel as if that I was freeballing (not wearing underwear at all) all the time. The effect was quite awesome especially when I was wearing a loose bottom cause I would feel so “free” and the occasional brushing between my boxers and thighs would make my testosterone shot up instantly and was definitely the added bonus!
Boxer, my old favourite! (Pic from
Although wearing loose boxers was quite rewarding, as I started to be more body-conscious, I began to realize that boxers could be quite a challenge and cumbersome at times especially if you’re wearing tighter jeans and trousers. There’s just too much excessive material to tuck into your trousers and it would create an unsightly silhouette especially at the bum and thigh areas. Hence, I started to look for a different kind of underwear so that I could avoid this problem.

I wanted something similar to my old boxers meaning that they were not just meant to cover my family jewels but also the upper part of my thighs. And to my surprise, I found the boxer briefs! This was great I thought, no excessive materials to worry about while still able to cover my modesty quite a bit (yeah I was quite a conservative young man during then). However, as I have quite big thighs and bollocks, wearing the boxer briefs at times would cause my nuts to be crushed in between my thighs. In addition, I really missed the free-hanging feeling that I was used to although in return I got great support and a snug feel (you know the feeling of having your family jewels very near to you), which was great. It took me a while to get used to the snug and fitted feel, but once I got used to it, there’s no turning back. So the floodgate started to open and I began to explore other types of underwear. From boxer briefs, I began to experiment something smaller, hipster, briefs, bikinis, jockstrap and finally to thongs and even g-strings!
Boxer Briefs (Pic from
Bikini Briefs (Pic from

Low Rise Boxer Briefs (Pic from

Jock Strap (Pic from 

 One day I realized that there’s something in the market that I could have the best of both the boxer and boxer briefs’ worlds: no excessive materials, great support, looks good wearing tighter bottoms, and most importantly the free-hanging feel … well almost.  It was the invention of boxer briefs with contour pouch!!! It was wonderful as I could just let my wrench and nuts out in this sewn-on sac in front and not having them trapped and squeezed between my thighs. Amazing!!!
Hipster Boxer Briefs with Contour Pouch (Pic from

After much trial and error and spending loads of money, I finally found the best type of underwear for a bear-like body like me. Nowadays, my favourite types of underwear that are most flattering to me are: Low-Rise Boxer Briefs, Hipster Boxer Briefs and Briefs and all with contour pouches! Of course, I do enjoy the occasional look in jockstraps as well.

My new favourite! Hipster Boxer Briefs with Contour Pouch (Pic from 

I don’t know about you guys, but for me wearing a nice and comfortable underwear that fits me well gives me confidence and courage. I know that some of you may think that an underwear is just an underwear and don’t see the point of spending too much money on them. But trust me, once you own a pair of great looking underwear, I can almost guarantee you that you will throw out your 10-dollars-a-pack-of-five from your closet!

There are so many brands out there but my favourites include TOOTS, CROOTA, STUD and many more. The Spanish brand ADDICTED is really sexy but of course comes with a high price tag. As for Andrew Christian, I realized that the fit is made more for western guys and unless you have a big “package” where you’ll fill up the pouch nicely, for if not, the excessive materials in the front will make you family jewels look really small!

In conclusion, we are now spoilt for choices with the many different types of men’s underwear available in the market. My suggestion is to be bold, try different types and look in front of the mirror to see what gives you the best fit and comfort and most importantly the best look! If you have a bear-like body shape (muscular, stocky and beefy with a slight tummy or not), then you will not go wrong with the low-rise boxer, hipsters and even the trendy briefs available in the market. But make sure that they have contour pouches as most of us with this body shape do have thick thighs. Not only does it make you look sexier, but you’ll also get the free-hanging feel as well and definitely no problem of balls squashing! 
Balls Squashing! (Pic from
Well in my future post, I will unveil my underwear closet for all to see and review them one by one and if I am up to it, I may even pose with some of my favourite underwear to show you guys! Till the next post, this is Jimenian signing out!


PS. For those of you who have not started investing on yourself, please do yourself a favour and start now!