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It's almost time, well maybe a tad early to do our yearly Christmas shopping, but what the heck! It's shopping and most of us just love it! I used to hate shopping, well not the conventional shopping at malls or my favourite quaint little shops in England per say but ONLINE shopping specifically.
X'mas shopping already?
I can’t see the actual product in person, I can’t feel it and most importantly I can’t try it. I realized that it takes getting use to shopping on the web but let me warn you, once you get started, there’s no turning back. It’s like a black hole and if you’re not careful, your money will be suck into it without you realising it.
Online Shopping anyone?
So what’s the deal of online shopping? Well firstly, it’s very easy, just click and type and you don’t have to leave your chair to get hold of your favourite items from all over the world. I am also fortunate because I live in Singapore and most online shops will deliver the goods without any problem whatsoever. But guys, let me warn you first cause you can get addicted to online shopping and the worse is that because it’s so convenient, you just keep on clicking and charging on your card without realizing that you have overspent your monthly allowance.
Hollister is on sale!
So before you read on, my word of advice is, please exercise caution and constrain when buying over the Internet and make sure you keep a tab on all the expenses that you’d made! And if you are a newbie and interested, be sure to read more about the do's and don'ts of online shopping before you start clicking away!

Today I want to share with you a few of my favourite shopping sites that are especially suitable for bear-like shape persons, like me. I categorized these sites into three categories.

1. Fashion
2. Fitness & Health
3. Lifestyle

I will discuss in greater detail on my favourite online fashion sites first where I will be naming my top five and will leave the other two categories in my next posts.

1. Fashion
I am by no means a fashionable person but I try to wear apparels and accessories that fit and flatter my bear-like body shape and size. As I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, there are a few sites that I would like to recommend as the products are really nice, trendy and suitable for the bear-like body shape. In no particular order, they are:
Bought this from
Hollister California:
This is the sister company of A&F, and you actually get a very good selection from this site. Their prices are definitely reasonable while the quality of the t-shirts is really good. And the best part is that they only charge a maximum $20 USD for a package of ten items to be shipped anywhere in the world. I bought several tees and berms from them and the delivery time is good, approximately two weeks. As for the big brother company, A&F, the prices are definitely the same as I walk into the store in Singapore. So since the opening of the store in Singapore, I hardly go into the site except to see what’s their latest collection available. Definitely a must for all bears and bear-wannabes!
Another one of many bears' favourite brands, the t-shirt peeps, not the signage! 
Another one that's not to be missed is the "beary" popular Superdry. This is a great online store as it’s easy to maneuver and has a great range of products available. Regardless whether the brand is available in your country or not, the price is normally cheaper and freight is free if you live in the States and Europe. For Singapore, it’s only a one-price freight, which is S$15 USD for any number of items you are interested to purchase, which is great especially if you’re buying a lot.
Colourful messenger bags definitely a must-have for all bears whether to use it as a gym bag or a daily lifestyle bag. This bag brand is one of my favourites as it’s trendy yet durable and has a great choice of different designs, colours and sizes available. In addition, this fashion site caters delivery to most countries in the world.
Wales Rugby 1881 Tee with the MRT Fit Perfect for any bears!
(Pic from
This is one of my favourite online shops as it provides all different type of rugby apparels and accessories, from jerseys and t-shirts to compression wears and training gears. The wonderful thing about rugby tees or jerseys is that most of such apparels have the MRT Fit that flatters the bear-like body shape to a T. So if you want a sporty and definitely masculine bear-look, then get a few of the rugby jerseys to complete the butch look.
A very expensive vintage tee from Dsquared (Pic from
Saks Fifth Avenue:
If you are up for designer garbs, then this is one site not to be missed. The range is very extensive, from the high-end fashion designers such as Jill Sander and Alexander McQueen, to the more affordable mastige brands like Junk Food and Rag & Bone. This wonderful shopping site also provides international delivery and currently the charge is $19.99 USD for Express Shipping to select countries on orders of $99 USD, including Singapore.
Oops sorry, just realised that the text is mirror-flipped!
For the fashionistas out there, the few sites that I'd mentioned above are just based on my personal interest and opinion, so no offense yeah if I've made a fashion boo-boo? Lastly guys, I hereby state that I am not officially endorsing any brands and have no shares or interests whatsoever in the above mentioned companies. These products are just what I like and love! Just go check it out for yourselves as one man's meat maybe another man's poison! Till the next time, this is Jimenian signing out! Happy shopping and be happy always!


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