Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Favourite Pineapple Tarts and Movie ... well sort of for the latter.

Last nite, I was invited to the premier of Rhythm of the Rain, a new movie featuring Vivian Hsu and Taiwan lyricist Vincent Fang's directorial debut. To be honest, I was procrastinating and kinda lazy to go in the first place cause I don't really like crowds and not into such scenes in Singapore. I guess the main reason I went was that Vincent Fang is one of my favourite lyricist especially for some of the more famous Jay Zhou's songs. So after much deliberation, I picked up my butt and my car keys and drove to JCUBE, Jurong East (That's another reason why I was not keen on going cause the venue is kinda far away from my home).

Although I am a jeans and tees guy, I thought that since it's a gala, I might as well put on a jacket so that I look more presentable. And heng ah, cause most people were quite stylishly dressed! It was such a long time ago since I "walked the red carpet", in fact I don't remember when I did. And the photographer took an awkward picture on me at the sponsors' backdrop.

Luckily I bumped into one of my old friend, Lee Wei Soong, who's Singapore's most celebrated and famous songwriter so that I didn't have to spend my time there looking like a fool (or more like feeling like one who's out of place hah).

Although JCUBE is all the way at Jurong, but I must say that the VIP area was very nicely decorated with taiwanese paraphernalia and of course packed with the who's who in the entertainment scene of Singapore and Taiwan.
I felt that I was the least known person there not that I mind, but I just felt awkward and that I don't belong in such occasion. Throughout the nite, I just kept smiling at strangers and occasionally looking into the goodie bag that I was given as if I had lost something and trying to keep myself busy. Really not my scene la! But I kept my cool throughout the nite. Talking about goodie bag, it's actually filled with good stuffs i.e. epicure magazine, eclipse mints, movie poster, some marketing collaterals and my favourite PINEAPPLE TARTS!!! Yummy. Kudos to the organiser for giving out free pineapple tarts hehe. (For the benefit of the organiser, there were yummy taiwanese food being butler passed around)

Then finally the stars of the movie arrived to greet the fans. There's just something about movie stars, they always look good under such circumstances. Maybe it's because of the make-up and styling of their clothes or even the lighting, but all of them seem to look so good that made the rest of us looked like their minions. 

After some intro and Q&A with the fans, the stars left and we were escorted to the movie hall to watch the preview. I must say that although the Shaw Cinema is quite new, but the aircon didn't seem to be working properly as it was kinda warm throughout the movie.

As for the movie, I am not going to spoil it for you guys but if you decide to watch the movie, be prepared to have 2 popcorn sets and probably throw in a hotdog cause it is a very very long movie, almost 2 and a half hours! It's pretty much a simple love story between two best friends vying for the same gal who happens to be deaf. Don't get me wrong, I love art movie but in my personal opinion and no offense to the director and producer, I felt the movie is kinda schizo, an in-between commercial chick flick and art house movie. But I must say that the art direction and cinematography for certain scenes are very good. Watching the whole movie seems like immersing oneself in a poet's mind and that's really beautiful. Coupled with the haunting soundtrack, I felt it was a good first attempt for my idol Vincent! Verdict: for those who likes Taiwanese film, this I felt it's a fairly good movie to watch but be prepared and I mean really well prepared for the long duration of the film and a good box of yummy pineapple tarts will definitely help! Now, who ate the last piece of mine, humph!


  1. I like your words. The writing is so smooth, unlike mine.
    It's good to learn something from your post. Give you a big thumb. :)

  2. A box of pineapple tarts? I think you would need 2 tubs of pineapple tarts :p