Friday, October 11, 2013

Kissing Madonna ... Muak muak!!!

One of the key factors in a successful presentation is the ability to engage the audience in the first 30 seconds. I call it the 30 seconds rule. 30 seconds, not 10 seconds which maybe too short even to say your name backwards or 60 seconds for most is too long to even stay awake let alone giving you one hundred percent attention. So 30 seconds is perfect. Just perfect. Not too long and not too short. It is also the perfect duration to keep your eyes open long enough before blinking. Yes, guys it is difficult to NOT blink within 30 seconds cause on an average a person blinks 16 times in a minute, which means 8 times in 30 seconds. Hence if you can stop blinking for 30 seconds while presenting your case then half the battle of a successful presentation is already won.

Joke aside, but what I am trying to say is that the first impression is one of the most important and key factor in determining whether you will manage to achieve a successful presentation or not. In fact, the audience will subconsciously make a deduction whether they will enjoy your presentation or not during his first impression of your performance, be it the first 30 seconds of your presentation, the way you dress, or even the tonality of your presentation voice.

You guys maybe wondering why did I choose such a post name: Kissing Madonna. I just wanted to be clever, no in fact, I was actually loss for ideas what to call my new post. Effective presentation skills 101? How to present yourself well? Nah borrrring!!. Hence, I just call it Kissing Madonna. Yes, I am virgin, not in the sexual sense but in writing blog sense. Does it make sense? Well, it caught your attention right? At least you have read until so far and I have managed to get your attention up till now, and if I’m not wrong, for you to read this far, you would have taken at least approximately 1 minute and 23 seconds and because of this I have passed my 30 seconds rule with flying colours!

So for the purpose of this post let’s equate Kissing Madonna to First Impression. So what are the factors that one has to consider when they are preparing for this first encounter with the audience so as to achieve success in their presentation? They are:

A Clever Headline,

Pic is better than nothing!
Your Physical Appearance,

Don't I look handsome? 
and Confidence

Yo Man!!!
For those interested in this topic, I promise that I will elaborate further and discuss more about physical appearance and confidence in my future blogs. Till the next time, this is Jimen signing out! and remember just like a Virgin, there'll always be your first time. ;)

PS. It's pass my lunch time. I am HUNGRY!!!!

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