Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kissing Madonna (Part 2) - Physical Appearance

I was so lazy last weekend that I didn't manage to upload any new post. Well today it's a working day, so no excuse anymore. As promised, I will continue with my Kissing Madonna post: Today I will talk about the importance of physical appearance during presentation.

There are plenty of books that touched on topics about how to dress for success and hence I will not be spending too much time to be your fashion guru cause I’m no fashion expert. But what is important to note is that, being fashionable will be the least important in ensuring the success of a presentation unless you are a fashion designer presenting your latest fall collection to a group of sophisticated buyers or if you are a movie star that tries to impress the director of a new movie in the hope that the latter will cast you as the lead.

Casual or Shirt and Tie? (Photo from Matsu Takeshi)
The key factor here is you do NOT need to fashionable but you should not be a fashion slob either. And of course it depends whether you are a man or a woman. But the three most important factors to consider are:

1. Weather
2. Culture / Industry
3. Comfort

1. Weather
In western countries or countries up north where the temperature is colder, people tend to wear a suit or a tie and a jacket. Alternatively, in warmer climates countries i.e. Singapore, most times, a shirt and a tie would suffice. For women, a jacket paired with a nice tailored trousers or A-line skirt is definitely acceptable in many occasions.

 Suit and Tie (Photo from

2. Culture / Industry
Although the above is acceptable in most scenarios, there are special cases that allow more casual or creativity in your style of dressing. For example, in Singapore, if you do work in the creative industry i.e. advertising or media, a smart casual get up is sufficient and almost always good enough to make a good first impression.
Appropriate for creative industry

Mostly not appropriate unless you are in the arts field
Smart casual means a polo t-shirt with or without a jacket and a clean pair of jeans. Torn jeans are definitely a deal breaker regardless whether it is in trend or not or you may end up looking like a vagabond on the streets or even worse a streetwalker!  Of course if you are in a more serious industry i.e. banking or finance, I think a minimum of a smartly press short or long sleeves shirt and a long trousers with a nice matching belt will be your safest bet. Same for the gals here, never ever wear mini skirts to any presentation. It is offensive, inappropriate and definitely vulgar to show up wearing your boyfriends shin guard to a presentation!

Minis are No No for both sexes (Photo from
3. Comfort
But the most important criteria to consider are COMFORT. This is by far the most important factor when it comes to effective presentation. Women especially have to take note that killer hills may look great to enhance your physical appearance and sex appeal but definitely not something I would recommend especially if your presentation is more than an hour long. I know, some of my women readers will barf at my suggestions and totally disagree with this, but unless you are Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City, then you better leave your Manolos or Louboutain for your special evenings instead.
Photo from
Well I have come to the end of my Kissing Madonna Part 2, remember to catch my Part 3 where I'll discuss on Clever Headline and Confidence. Till the next time, this is Jimenian signing out!

PS. If you are stocky and beefy and have nice pictures of you wearing shirt and tie (even in casual clothes will do), send them to me so that I can share them with the rest yeah cause I'm trying to collate some nice pictures to post for all the Gmen wannabes. Grin


  1. Too bad for the last statement, I am not stocky and beefy enough to look nice in shirt and tie hahaha. But I do think you are the one who has that criteria, why don't you be your first model? haha ^_^

    1. Haha thanks for your compliment and regardless whether u r slim or stocky, I'm sure u will look good in a well tailored shirt and tie. Ok I will consider wearing a shirt and tie and take some pics to share the next time. Cheers and thanks again for your support Grin